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Apr 24 / 07:00
Los Angeles
Apr 25 / 19:30
West Hollywood
Пассажир из Сан-Франциско - премьера в Калифорнии
May 03 / 19:30
Washington, DC
«Хор Турецкого» и SOPRANO: UNITY SONGS
May 03 / 20:00
Концерт НАРГИЗ Закировой
May 10 / 00:00
Los Angeles
Концерт Димы Билана "Держи!"
May 11 / 19:00
San Francisco
Концерт Димы Билана "Держи!"
May 12 / 18:00
Los Angeles
May 25 / 19:00
Los Angeles
ГРУППА «КВАТРО» в новой программе «НАМ 15 ЛЕТ»
Jun 08 / 19:00
San Francisco
KAZKA in San Francisco
Jun 12 / 20:00
San Diego
Комедия «Любовь по понедельникам»
Jun 14 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Комедия «Любовь по понедельникам»
Jun 15 / 19:00
San Francisco
Комедия «Любовь по понедельникам»
Jun 16 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Тамара Гвердцители "Вечная музыка"
Aug 23 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Дмитрий Певцов в программе «Соло»
Sep 21 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Любовь Успенская в Лос-Анджелесе
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Удивительные Приключения Кролика Едварда

Needham, MA

26 января 2019 года в 6:00PM Arlekin Players Theatre

Arlekin Players Theatre presents our new production based on the book by Kate DiCamillo

Original adaptation and direction by Alexander Huh (winner of the Golden Mask festival in Moscow, Russia)
Scenography and costume by Nastya Bugaeva (Moscow Art Theater)
Artistic Director: Igor Golyak

The ability to love can either be a gift or a curse. What brings us together or prevents us from understanding each other? These are the challenging questions that our main character, a porcelain rabbit, will grapple with on his miraculous journey.

He and the young (at heart) members of our audience will venture to the bottom of the ocean, dance on the streets of the big city, wander under the endless star-filled sky, and lose and find friends.

Join us on this magical odyssey of self discovery and meaning!

The show is presented in Russian and English simultaneously.

P.S. Please come to the show in your best pajamas and bring a pillow.
Контакт: apetetsky@gmail.com

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