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West Hollywood, CA

14 2018 5:30PM West Hollywood Library, Community Hall

American-Russian Business Council proudly presents the exciting event the celebration of the artistic creative legacy of the sensational recording artist, singer, songwriter, the author of the unprecedented patriotic signature musical Masterpiece and Singing Liberty


in her musical revue The incredible creative journey from 1968 hit songs from the popular movies to the American Singing Statue of Liberty 20 years anniversary Lady Liberty for the New Millennium show.

Renowned artists, singers, musicians will participate in this event and congratulate Aida with her high artistic achievements at her anniversary year. 50 years since the popular movies Brilliantovaya Ruka and Kavkazskaya Plennitsa where she sang her timeless hit songs and 20 years of the creation of the Statue of Liberty image on the American stage.

Artists who will perform at this event:
Gary Gold - popular singer, composer; Yasha Konviser violinist virtuoso; Elya Baskin popular Hollywood movie actor; Hovhannes Babakhanyan the winner of Gold medal of Arts, singer, theater and movie actor; Mariana Popzlateva world known outstanding opera singer.

Hosts of the event:
Alex Durmashkin - President of ARBC, Lia Babakhanyan actress, Gor Babakhanyan - actor

Aida Vedisheva will sing her hit songs, the best numbers from the Broadway musicals and her own ballads, songs and the numbers from her signature musical. Also it will be offered the excerpts from DVDs of Aidas shows and concerts. The loved melodies with the famous singers, musicians, and artists will be sound during the event (Radmila Karaklaich, Oleg Lundstrem, Vladimir Shainsky and others).

Tickets: https://www.ticketsr.com/events/aida-vedisheva-musical-revue
: 818-377-2101

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