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Nov 21 / 20:30
Guns N' Roses in Concert
Nov 24 / 20:00
San Francisco
Новое шоу ЛОЛИТЫ
Nov 24 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Guns N' Roses in Concert
Nov 25 / 16:00
Сатирикон в HD: Чайка
Nov 25 / 20:00
Los Angeles
Guns N' Roses in Concert
Nov 25 / 22:00
Beverly Hills
Black and Gold Night at Sofitel
Nov 26 / 11:59
San Francisco
Студия Театрального Искусства в HD: САМОУБИЙЦА
Nov 26 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Новое шоу ЛОЛИТЫ
Nov 29 / 19:30
Los Angeles
Guns N' Roses in Concert
Dec 02 / 19:30
Я зарастаю памятью
Dec 03 / 19:00
West Hollywood
АЛЕКСАНДР НЕВЗОРОВ "Искусство оскорблять"
Dec 03 / 19:00
Борис Гребенщиков и Аквариум
Dec 07 / 18:30
La Jolla
Студия Театрального Искусства в HD: САМОУБИЙЦА
Dec 07 / 19:00
Los Angeles
Виктор Шендерович "КУКЛЫ: 20 лет спустя".
Dec 08 / 20:00
Feerie Rough in Los Angeles: a Fundraiser Dinner and Concert
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San Francisco, CA

07 мая 2017 года в 11:59AM 4-Star Theatre

Based on the short story by Anton Chekhov, THE BLACK MONK tells the tragic tale of philosophy student Andrey Vasil'ich Kovrin. On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Kovrin decides to visit his childhood friend Tanya Pesotsky at the estate of her father. As he and Tanya develop a relationsship and eventually marry, a black monk of legend begins appearing to Kovrin in visions. Though these hallucinations at first imbue the young man with joy and energy, they eventually lead to his ruin.
Kama Ginkas’ dramatization of Chekhov’s story for The Moscow Young Generation Theater has become a theatre sensation. The show has won the Grand Prix and the Critics’ Prize for Best Production at the Baltic House international theater festival in St. Petersburg.
The Creative Team ​
Director: Kama Ginkas
Design: Sergey Barkhin Assistant Director: Nikolay Aksenov Lighting Technician: M. Biryukov Sound: A. Radugin
Cast ​
Andrey Kovrin: Sergey Makovetskiy
Black Monk: Igor Yasulovich
Tanya Pesotskaya: Julia Svezhakova
Yegor Pesotsky: Valeriy Barino

Tickets: "http://ticketsr.com/index.php?op=event&id=1882&pages=2&lang=english"

Контакт: 818-377-2101

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Latasha ( ) 02:19PM, 02 May
I’ve know forever, my mother worked in a meat packing plant over 40 yrs ago. Even back then she would say “if you saw how hot dogs and bologna was made, you’d never eat th28#&!m2e1; The past few years I have been really researching processed foods and came to the conclusion, the people that are suppose to regulate these foods so we are not poisoned do not care!!!

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